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Fairwinds Estate Winery

Proprietor and CEO, Brandon Chaney Brandon

Proprietor & CEO, Brandon Chaney

Brandon grew up in West Lafayette, Indiana. His father was a professor at Purdue University in the Forestry Department and his mother, an artist, ran the overseas study programs for the continuing education department of the university. Brandon attended Indiana University and landed his first job with General Electric Nuclear Energy. From 1996 to 2011, Brandon was CEO and Co-Founder of a public utility company in the State of California. His dream has been to own and run a winery since visiting Europe back in college. This dream came true in April 2015 when he bought Fairwinds Estate Winery with his college roommate and life-long friend, Anthony Zabit. Brandon lives in Incline Village, Nevada with his three children (Taylor, Cole and Dylan).

"Wine brings light to the hidden secrets of the soul."




Proprietor and CEO, Brandon Chaney Brandon

Proprietor & COO, Anthony Zabit

Anthony is a San Francisco entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Anthony co-founded and built a number of successful entities in the tech and real estate space. Anthony graduated from Indiana University School of Business in Finance where he met Brandon, his life-long friend and business partner. In the spirit of moving into new territory, Anthony continued to explore new horizons which led him to partner with Brandon once again, which led them to Napa Valley and the winery business. Anthony is married to Karen and has six children.

"Yes, we know business. But we also acknowledge there is a big difference between the kind of businesses we have built and our new desire to create great wines. Of course, whatever the venture, we both believe that success is knowing what you don’t know, and surrounding yourself with terrific people who do. And we have a great team we can count on.”




Winemaker, Todd Heth

Winemaker, Todd Heth

Todd’s passion in fine winemaking began over 15 years ago.  His deep exposure and wealth of experiences in old world wine practices include travels to wineries in France, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary.  Todd’s other passion is journalism, and was an accomplished editor for several notable wine  publications.


"Making fine wine is my passion. I feel blessed to do what I love and work with such an amazing team."




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