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Fairwinds Estate Winery

Alternating Proprietorship

The custom crush service we offer at our facility represent the full range of winemaking activities including crush, fermentation, all processing steps, barrel aging, storage, lab analysis and bottling.  Services are offered under a standard one-year contract.

Our services are priced on a per-ton basis for the standard menu of processing steps exclusive of bottling, which is priced on a per-case basis. Additional services beyond standard processing activities (for example, extended fermentations, tank warming or extra topping and racking) are available and are priced on an “a la carte” basis.

Over the years, significant resources have been spent in maintaining and upgrading the Fairwinds Estate property.  Between 1987 and 1997, the administrative offices were expanded and remodeled, the cave system was built and a lab was added to the main winery facility.  The septic system was also upgraded. A new bottling line was installed in 2004.  The entire property is well maintained, and the winery equipment well suited for premium wine production.


The main winery facility is a 17,255 square-foot, Mediterranean-style masonry building constructed in the early 1970’s.  The main cellar area in the central part of the building includes a tank room containing 18 stainless steel tanks and a barrel storage room that can accommodate barrel racks stacked up to six high. The shipping and receiving area and the loading dock are located in the northern portion of the building.  The bottling line is located in a separate area in the southern portion of the building.

The administrative offices, commercial kitchen area, and winemaking lab are located on the western side of the building.


The fermentation building, which houses fermentation and storage tanks, is a 4,125 square-foot metal structure located behind and north of the main winery building. This building houses the basket press and 26 stainless steel fermentation tanks whose tops are accessible via an elevated catwalk. The Winery’s gondola hoist and crusher are located on a concrete pad outside the upper section of the fermentation building and the membrane press is located behind the building. Additional fermentation and storage tanks are located in the outdoor area between the main winery and the fermentation building.


The 22,000 square foot underground cave system for barrel storage and hospitality activities was constructed in 1995. It has cement floors and shotcrete walls and ceiling. There are three entry doors to the caves, with the main entry facing the main winery building. A catering entrance provides direct access to a food preparation and hospitality area in the southern portion of the caves. The caves are fully bonded and built to accommodate thousands of 60-gallon barrels stacked three high.


The entrance to the Winery is located on Silverado Trail, which is a two-lane, paved public road. Located parallel to one another, Silverado Trail and Highway 29 are the two main north-south thoroughfares of the Napa Valley.


Pacific Gas & Electric Company provides electrical service and a onsite generator for back-up power.


The main winery facility has a valid Napa County Use Permit allowing for annual wine production of 160,000 gallons (approximately 65,000 cases) with public tastings, tours and retail sales. This permit predates the Napa County Winery Definition Ordinance. The property was recognized by Napa County as an existing winery in a letter dated June 1973. Use Permit #95003-UP approved the expansion of the facility by up to 25,000 square feet of wine storage caves in December 1995.


There are two wells on the property, both of which are located on the southwest portion of the property. One is located just north of a storage shed, while the other lie between the parking lot and Silverado Trail. In years when ground water is adequate, the wells pump a total of approximately 20 gallons per minute, which is sufficient for the Winery’s needs. There is also a 40,000 gallon holding tank on the property if additional water is needed to be trucked in, however this has not been needed for the past three years despite the drought.


The bottling line located in the main winery building was acquired in 2005 and is rated at 55 bottles per minute. It includes a GAI Monoblock 16-valve filler and single-head corker. It is capable of handling 375ml, 750ml and magnum-sized bottles, as well as several other sizes within the same range. The bottling line can handle corks and capsules, but not screw-cap closures.


Custom processing services are managed by Winemaker Todd Heth, who oversees a staff of eight permanent Fairwinds Estate Winery employees and several interns.  They average tenure of the staff is over ten years of service.

For information at 707-942-2449 or email todd@fairwindsestatewinery.com

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